Be the winner with Weenie!

Online school in tutoring English Weenie-School was set up in 2009. Weenie-School is considered one of the leaders in tutoring English via Skype.

Weenie offers a broad range of English via Skype courses which suit students with various English level and educational targets. We suggest not only long-term courses with detailed study of English vocabulary and grammar, but also intensive courses of colloquial and business English.

Weenie strives to be the leader in innovational study and also creates a comfortable, friendly and inspiring atmosphere for education. So far, students appeal to us as studying with Weenie via Skype is not only comfortable but also an effective and successful way of achieving goals.

The basic Weenie-School’s aim is to teach you to speak English fluently and to achieve the set up study targets. Due to the vast experience and valuable learner’s guides Weenie-School aspires to highly-qualified standards in education and guaranteed result.

Weenie Methodology

Weenie uses a number of modern learner’s guides, videos, telecasts, podcasts, news, articles, role games and many other materials in the educational process.

Thanks to these aspects the study becomes captivating and art process that helps you to quickly start speaking English fluently.

The learning efficiency is ensured by immersion into verbal environment. The lack of necessity to go abroad will save your time and money, the more so, the discussion of real situations will be the counterpart of your being in an English-speaking country.

After English course completion you’ll attain to much knowledge in English writing, listening, reading and speaking. So you win and achieve success with us! You win with Weenie!

Weenie Results

  • knowledge of everyday vocabulary and ability to use it in speech;
  • perception and understanding of English in the native speaker’s speech;
  • statement of ideas in written and oral speech.

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