Katharina, student

Kathi Stetter


I started getting tutored by my Weenie-School teacher when I still didn’t like English. Due to my displeasure against English, my teacher had to be quite patient while tutoring me. But compared to my school lessons those hours were at least twice as interesting. Learning about Britain and its history by drinking tea or getting to know English literature which actually didn’t die out yet, is way more interesting for a high school student than just learning about its history or politics.

The other great difference between the lessons was, not only concentrating on grammar and vocabulary (as in school), but also learning a lot about the pronunciation and the differences between the English accents. At school I only had to listen to my teachers (who often had a horrible pronunciation themselves) and I was able to read out loud once or twice a year in class. But with my tutor whose English was pretty good, I read a lot and got corrected whenever I pronounced a word wrong. Since I was still a high school student just reading texts and learning about grammar wasn’t the right way to teach me a language, Oli thought of a few games making the lessons more interesting and learning easier.

Making learning even more easier, she also knows about a lot of tricks, like when I had to use which word or tips, how I could find out which tense I had to use. After going thru the tasks in my school book, she also had to come up with some exercises herself that fitted my level of knowledge. All those things made her a pretty awesome teacher whose lessons were lots of fun and made me a quite good English speaker.


Katharina Stetter, student