If you have never studied the language or completely forgot its basics then let’s get started with Weenie Starter!

Pronunciation, speech reception and reading skills are developed and further combined within the scope of Weenie Starter course. Students learn how to introduce themselves, speak on the topics about their friends and relatives, discuss their everyday life, food, restaurants, shops and lots of places of interest.

Course results »

  • understanding phrases and expressions on the following topics: personal data, purchases, geography etc.;
  • skill to read short and simple sentences, choose the necessary information in daily texts (adverts, menu etc.);
  • skill to converse on daily topics;
  • skill to give basic information about yourself, lifelike occasions;
  • skill to make short notes, messages and letters.


If you have basic skills in the language proficiency and you wish to broaden your knowledge then Weenie Pre-Intermediate course is for you!

Conversational practice includes description of places of interest, congratulations, modeling of interviews, planning of holidays and vacations; furthermore – discussions and role play based on lesson’s topics. New words are learnt with the help of videos, dialogues and texts on these topics. Writing skills are worked out with the help of composing letters, short descriptions and CVs. The grammatical rules which allow understanding English better are learnt during the course. Grammatical aspects are concerned with composing detailed descriptions according to appropriate order of the past, future and present events.

Course results »

  • understanding of small dialogues;
  • skill to give the main idea of news casts etc.;
  • skill to ask and answer the questions about habits, hobbies and past activities;
  • skill to communicate on the topics based on interests and sphere of activity;
  • skill to act out and speak on personal impressions;
  • skill to reveal and understand a certain information from such daily sources as letters and booklets;
  • skill to make a conclusion on the given text;
  • skill to read and understand factual information.


If you can easily talk on daily topics and you would like to make your speech richer via using of various grammatical constructions and word combinations then Weenie Intermediate course is for you!

Topics which are worked out during the course: health care, spiritual life, science and technology, free time, humor and gender aspects. Vocabulary and communicative skills are developed via working out the course materials. The course is grammatically based on compound verbs expressing emotions, health state and social status. Moreover the grammar work out presupposes exercising the usage of future tenses. The students get the practice of understanding the words’ meaning from the context.

Reading skills are broadened, as a result, the students learn to evaluate facts and differentiate them from suppositions, distinguish the structure and means of expression, reveal conflicts and scan texts.

Course results »

  • understanding of enduring speech and lectures on familiar topics;
  • understanding of the major portion of news casts;
  • understanding of movies where the standard English is mostly used;
  • skill to read articles and reports;
  • skill to have a spontaneous talk with native English speakers;
  • skill to take an active part in discussions and to express your point of view;
  • skill to give a detailed description;
  • skill to describe a situation singling out its pros and cons.


If you have the skills of understanding, keeping the talk and reading in English at different levels (colloquial and professional English), and strive to deepen and improve your skills and work them out at a more difficult level, getting a firm confidence in communication then Weenie Advanced is for you!

The course’s materials help to further develop skills gained during the previous educational stages, to deepen the knowledge of different grammatical rules, and to make the reading and self-expression skills better. The students develop their reading, text scanning skills without getting a grasp of the text itself; they also learn how to choose the text reading method depending upon circumstances. The students learn how to examine biographies and CVs, follow logical reasoning of facts and cases.

Course results »

  • understanding of news casts and movies;
  • understanding texts and articles on different topics;
  • skill to freely express yourself in social surrounding;
  • skill to clearly express yourself in a written form, having composed a literate and well structured text;
  • skill to correctly choose the written speech style for a specific addressee;
  • skill to briefly expound the contents of a story, article, discussion;
  • skill to summarize the information and facts from different sources, and to compose a message based on this information.


If you’ve got intermediate or advanced level in English and you’re aimed at learning of business vocabulary, including business terminology in the context of authentic business and professional direction then Weenie Business course is for you!

Various working methods in the business sphere are worked out within the scope of Weenie Business course. Reading, writing, speech understanding and speaking skills are developed with the consideration of business environment: help to sales representative, help in team creation for a new project, resolving of difficult business issues, project planning, team creation, competitors’ analysis, evaluation of inquiries about contract offers, etc. Moreover, various grammatical rules and speech patterns are learnt within the course’s scope.

Course results »

  • improvement of communication skills for talking on various topics, including different management and business fields;
  • improvement of skills in colloquial and business English usage;
  • broadening of the vocabulary in corresponding fields;
  • deepening of skills in reading and writing of professional documents: contracts, agreements, offers, forecasts, business plans, etc.;
  • skill to conduct conferences and meetings in English;
  • skill to conduct and participate in the interview on different vacancies in English;
  • skill to prepare a presentation;
  • skill to superficially tell about a product or service;
  • skill to give, accept and deny different orders.

Exam Prep

Weenie School provides the preparatory courses for the most popular international exams IELTS, TOEFL, CAE and also Cambridge exams aimed at checking the knowledge of standard English (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE).

English for Kids

English for Kids is aimed at children starting with the age of 6-7 years. The lessons are conducted in a playing and dynamic atmosphere. We use various communicative methods, role-play and art games, songs and videos during the lessons. The teacher may assist in school studies programme, and also systematically works out the tasks of the main Weenie School programme. English for Kids is aimed at developing of communicative skills, vocabulary broadening and reception of speech. We also provide assistance for teens in preparation for state exams.

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